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Appostolic, Inc.

Moses had his tablets, we have ours.

APPostolic is a faith based, oh-so-Catholic non profit, trying to find the points of intersection in your day. We want to be there with you to help you pray, rejoice, worry and be glad.

God is in the big and small moments of our lives. Sometimes we forget that.

And like a reminder on your phone to text your mom, we want to help you make that connection. In many ways, it’s mind blowing to think that we can distill much of our lives into something no bigger than a deck of cards.

Our phones and tablets are filled with photos and calendar messages and texts videos of cute kittens and endless apps. God’s in there too. Really.

APPostolic seeks to use technology to bring your faith more fully into the moments of your life. We want the faith filled things that bring you joy, ease your worries and connect you with others to be at your fingertips. Literally.

When your hands are brought together in prayer, odds are your phone is in the middle of that moment. Let’s put it to work.

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Connecting. And sharing. And liking. And <3’ing. Everything. In an instant.

Created in Your Image is a photo sharing app designed to connect families, precious moments and faith.

It helps you bring together moments of gratitude with first steps. It lets you celebrate the joy of a bubble bath in the kitchen sink. On the day of your child’s baptism, first birthday or first sleep through the night, Created in Your Image lets you share the moment, and the prayers of thanks, with your family and friends.

Its goal is to help families (re)connect with their faith during one of the most extraordinary times in their lives. In the everyday moments that happen in the blink of an eye. Capture them. Share them. Be thankful for them.

And it does all of this in an instant. Across social media platforms. From your phone. Now.

It takes the pace of our lives and the prayers in our hearts and brings them together.

Share your most important moments, with the most important people in your life…. Carrying the most important of messages: that we are created in His image. And we are loved.