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Appostolic, Inc.

APPostolic is a Catholic, non-profit organization, seeking to educate, evangelize and (re)engage, using modern tools to provide education and share information.

Connecting. And sharing. And liking. And <3’ing. Everything. In an instant.

Created in Your Image is a photo sharing app designed to connect families, precious moments and faith. Together. “With all the feels…” It helps you remember moments of gratitude with first steps. It lets you celebrate the joy of a bubble bath in the kitchen sink. On the day of your child’s baptism, first birthday or first sleep through the night, Created in Your Image lets you share the moment, and the prayers of thanks, with your family and friends.

Its goal is to help families (re)connect with their faith during one of the most extraordinary times in their lives. In the every day moments. That happen in the blink of an eye. Capture them. Share them. Be thankful for them.

And it does all of this in an instant. Across social media platforms. From your phone. Now.

It takes the pace of our lives and the prayers in our hearts and brings them together.

Prayer and faith happen in community. And our community is changing fast. And how we connect with our community is changing faster. Group chats, a text on the fly, a post to a page….all let you share a moment with those most important to you.

Share your most important moments, with the most important people in your life…. Carrying the most important of messages: that we are created in His image. And we are loved.

Appostolic News

The Created in Your Image App will be available soon!

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