Created In Your Image

A photo sharing app that lets you frame up a moment, add a personal message or bible verse and share across multiple social media platforms.

And if that perfect pic from the birthday party or baptism would make an ideal thank you note (or magnet for the fridge…. Or heck, a t-shirt for the proud granddad… ‘cause you know he’ll wear it). We can print, produce and ship for you


Having a baby is the most hope-filled thing a young couple can do. We know that we can’t help with midnight feedings or college savings accounts, but we can help remind you that you are part of a larger community of faithful. That (re)engaging with your faith as you navigate the long nights and great joys of parenting is a good thing. That prayers are answered. That you are loved. And you need to know that.

Prayer and faith happen in community. And our community is changing fast. And how we connect with our community is changing faster. Group chats, a text on the fly, a post to a page….all let you share a moment with those most important to you. Created In Your Image is designed to connect those moments, your faith and your family and friends, in a click.

APPostolic is the parent nonprofit organization that has launched Created in Your Image as a tool to help you with the faith-filled part of this amazing, exhausting, thrilling journey of parenting.

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